Hola! You’ve reached a blog about my life as a Pagan. I reside in beautiful Seattle, Washington and this blog might be about Seattle, or it might be about someplace else. That place may not even exist further than the confines of my head, or it might be somewhere in Europe. This blog might also have to do with music, my diet, fitness, or outdoor recreational sports since I tend to be very passionate about all of that. Or maybe dragons.

But above all, this blog is about paganism, and how it relates and intermixes with everything in my life. I guess you could call this a religious blog, given that subject matter. However, being a Pagan is as everyday to me as brushing my teeth (which hopefully you can relate to), so I would call this a more general lifestyle blog, instead. But if you’re curious about the man behind the curtain or would like to reach me to tell me that my writing is a waste of cyber space…

Hello, my name is Kansas Stanton. I work full time in the art industry and take online college courses in environmental science as a full time student. Outside of that, I get tattooed regularly, go to metal shows locally and internationally, wear a lot of black (the laundry on my bedroom floor is just black dunes), attend Burning Man every other year, cook and order vegan cuisine, frequent the gym and the woodland trails, run a Pagan men’s Meetup group, and love hanging out with my friends over a cold, dark beer. My god is the Green Man and all of his many faces, and I see them everyday.

You can reach me at


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