May’s almost over?!

Oh man. So much for writing on this blog regularly! I swear, life is like the land of Faery; you get enticed by cake and dance, a couple shots of brandy, a little brown-chicken-brown-cow and BAM! Three years have gone by when you swear you’ve only danced an hour, tops!

April was a rough month for me. Full of loved ones who chose to make poor decisions, one after another, and me having to learn one of the hardest lessons in life to learn- having to watch them burn and not being able to do anything about it, other than letting them know I’m here for them if they need me. In fact, I’m still learning this lesson because it is a bitch to accept.

And that’s really all I wish to say about that.

May has proven to be much better! I began the month with my annual attendance at a  kick-ass Beltaine ritual in Ravenna Park in Seattle, run by the fabulous Radical Faeries (if you’ve never heard of the Radical Fae organization, they’re a large group of gender bending pagan awesomeness! You can check out more here:! It was a beautiful, sunny day and full of laughter and friends. (shirtless me on the right)


Since then, I’ve mostly just been plugging away with work and school! I did finally see a band perform here that I’ve been dying to see live for years! Amon Amarth is a viking death metal band and every time they’re in town, I’m outta town. Hella annoying. This year however, I was finally able to see them and decided to post the event on my, Seattle Metalheads site. I also organized it so that those who were planning to attend could meet me at Pike Place Brewery across the street, for a little pre-show grub n’ drinks! Two guys and two gals showed up at the restaurant, and they all had just moved here. One was from Oklahoma, one from Texas, one from Massachusetts,  and one from Brazil. They had come to the brewery for the same reason I had: to find friends in the American metal community, an ever ostracized niche. It proved to be a huge success! Everyone was very respectful of each other’s differences and had such a great time that we even stuck together for the duration of the show. And we still keep in touch and invite each other to shows and events via text.

But even if there wasn’t a rare-for-me viking death metal band playing, or sharing it with my new viking death metal band loving friends, there is something about simply being at a metal show that I cannot explain. When I first arrive and the opening band is just starting, there’s a lot going on. People are coming and going from the bar, they’re searching for open seats (if there are any), they’re still congregating outside, grabbing something from the merch table before it’s gone, and empty spaces are filling up. And throughout all this, a wave of calm silence comes over me. Kinda like when you’re in a bath and you let your head sink below the water surface and your hearing is now confined to the inner walls of your head. This happens to me at …every …show. And when this happens, I am overwhelmed with comfort. Like I’m at a family reunion and there isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. All of my problems and worries and concerns melt away as a wave of familial love and comfort wash over me. Sounds like a humorous contradiction at a heavy metal concert, I know. Think of it this way: If heavy metal is about anger, trauma, sorrow, and rage; then those who enjoy it must understand these emotions and maybe coping with their own. And when they congregate together, it’s only natural there’ll be an unsaid deep respect and bond between everyone. Kinda like group therapy. Also! I once read a research article where these scientist guys discovered that the “random” patterns of individuals in a mosh pit replicate the exact patterns of a school of fish! How rad is that?! Science.

Speaking of metal, I’m also getting ready to travel to Iceland’s metal festival, Eistnaflug, next month! I haven’t been to a European metal festival for two years and I can’t wait! I’m also looking forward to viewing the new Asatru temple (albeit still under construction), Iceland’s first Norse pagan temple in 1,000 years! Plus the Blue Lagoon of course. Stoked! I’ll hafta write a blog post when I get back. Until then, keep it metal! \m/